Q: What is the largest diameter tubing I can use on my Bead Form tool?

A: As long as the wall thickness does not exceed the capacity of the tool, there is really no limit on how large the diameter of the tube can be. 

Q: If I need to form hose beads on many sizes of tubing, which Bead Form tool will work the best for me?

A: This depends on the size range you are talking about. If you need to form beads on tubing 7/8″ and larger the choice is easy. The Bead Form #2 or #3 tools are the obvious choice for this range. If you do need to form tubing smaller than 7/8″ it becomes a little more complex and it is best to call us for more information at 800-919-3676

Q: What is the maximum wall thickness the Bead Form tools will work on?

A: This depends on the model of the Bead Form tool and on the alloy of the tubing that is being used. The tools for smaller diameter tubing may be limited to .025 to .035 wall thickness, but the tools for larger diameters will work on tubing as thick as .065.