We have been using our electric Bead Form from Kramer Metal Fab for over a year.

Absolutely the best money I have spent recently because we save time AND improve quality.

Completely bulletproof and logical product design and the best customer service to be found anywhere. Completely easy to use and great results possible for anyone.

If you need to bead…you need to buy from Kramer.

Start by sending them a sample tube for them to bead for you.  

The returned result made my choice easy.

M. Porter  The Paladian Group Inc.

We received the tool this morning and I have tested it on our stainless tube already, it works perfectly. Many thanks for your help and for the very quick delivery! I will have no hesitation about recommending your products.

Kind regards from the UK

Ed Davis, Watermota Ltd

I recently purchased a bead roller from you for Absolute Performance. For starters, the packaging. I have never in my life received something in such a nice and well put together case, like what you sent. I was literally blown away at the quality of the packaging alone! It was hands-down the most professional thing I’ve seen in 10 years. Job well done.

As far as the bead roller goes, I cannot put words together to explain just how nicely built this tool is. I was a little skeptical at first with the price tag but after receiving it, and using it, I knew exactly why they cost what they do. I am beyond excited to have this tool here in our arsenal and genuinely appreciate your handwork on this. When I open a package and see a hard plastic carry case, laminated instruction sheets, an oil can and spigot and a beautifully crafted tool, I can’t help but feel like you deserve to hear a compliment. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Steve Carter, Absolute Performance

I just received my Tube Bead Former by UPS yesterday. After following easy setup instructions I had it up and running and made around 100 parts for our mobile veterinary clinics. Very good product and great people to work with.

Monty Rohrbeck, Hurricane Motorsports

fluidyne-power-sports We have used Bead Form tools for our production requirements for the past 4-5 years with great success. The tools are easy to use and replacement parts have been readily available.

Neil Holt, Fluidyne Powersports


I first used a Bead Form around 1995 when I purchased one for a large company that I worked for. Since then, I have recommended Bead Form to others, and I have had one for my own business since 1998. I know first hand that each one of these units has had very hard use, and they are holding up exceptionally well. I recommend this tool to everybody.

Bob Beckmeann, Rebco Mfg, Inc.

I personally want to thank you for the Bead Form Tools that you manufacture. We are in the marine repair business including fabrication of marine exhaust systems and other applications that require a bead for the purpose of securing a hose to tubing. We have used your tools for the past ten years without failure. Your product is well-made, performs flawlessly and is produced in the USA. Thanks for the great Bead Form Tools.

Marty Niemiec, Niemiec Marine